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About Tatamagouche Ice Cream:

 "Ice Cream is an indulgence, after all, so why not indulge only the best! The best ice cream had to be richer, creamier and loaded with bold flavours. The best ice cream has more butterfat, less air and uses egg yolks.     

More butterfat means creamier ice cream, that makes sense. But less air you say?  

Without geeking-out too hard, all ice cream contains air. It helps make ice cream, well, creamy, and not just a frozen block of ice milk.  But most tubs of ice cream that you buy from ‘the big guys’ are actually equal parts (or more) of air to ice cream (or what we ice cream nerds call overrun). Now that’s what we call a tub half empty!  With our ice cream, we whip in just enough air and no more, just like the Italian Gelaterias serving the finest gelato.

Ok so butterfat and less air, but what are eggs doing in my ice cream? Isn’t that a breakfast food? 

Old school ice cream like your grandmother made, or what is sometimes called French Style Ice Cream or Frozen Custard, uses egg yolks to act as a natural emulsifier, add another level of richness and to provide a long finish – ice cream flavours that coat your palate and don’t simply disappear in a puff of thin overrun air. 

Taken together, our ice cream is categorized as Ultra-Premium. But we like to think of it simply as: Nova Scotia’s Finest"

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