Sprout Therapy | Cold Pressed Juice

Sprout Therapy | Cold Pressed Juice

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When you need a helping hand, reach for Bailey. This plant mylk hosts a wide range of benefits in a delicious package. Drink in the morning to support your metabolism, after your workout to aid your body's repair process, or treat yourself after a productive day. You'll love it, your kids will love it, and most importantly, your body will love it!

Ingredients: pumpkin seeds, dates, vanilla, cacao, filtered water

Benefits: metabolism boost, immune support, wound healing support



Queen of the green juices!! She elegantly doesn’t mess around and sticks to all greens! No fruit, keto friendly and packing the most intense dose of nutrients that fit in perfectly with your on-the-go healthy lifestyle.Green and earthy taste!

Ingredients: romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, lemon, celery, zucchini, pink Himalayan salt

Benefits: high-antioxidant, anti inflammatory, healthy skin & hair



Feeling Bloated?? Charcoal will help your system run better. It works by absorbing the bad toxins in your gut to help clear them out. Charcoal also serves as hero when you’ve had one too many drinks the night before. Charcoal has no taste, this dark lemonade is sweet and tart tasting makes this a first time customer fave.

Ingredients: red apple, lemon, coconut charcoal, maple syrup, aloe

Benefits: toxin removal, digestion support, anti-inflammatory

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