Preorder: Digestion Session (The Sprout Therapy Juice Cleanse)

Preorder: Digestion Session (The Sprout Therapy Juice Cleanse)

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Give your body the break it deserves. Here's a huge nutritional dose to help provide a fresh start for your digestive health. Reduce bloating and encourage your body to heal through nutrition. 

6 x 340 ml Juices, 2 x 340 ml Mylks

Each day of the Digestion Session cleanse is comprised of the following bottles, listed in the recommended order of consumption:
1 - Harvey
2 - Froyde
3 - Moyer
4 - Emmeline
5 - Peter
6 - Jack
7 - Moyer
8 - Bailey

Orders must be submitted by SaturdayJuice Cleanses will be delivered the following Tuesday.
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