Preorder: Anti-Inflammatory Session (The Sprout Therapy Juice Cleanse)

Preorder: Anti-Inflammatory Session (The Sprout Therapy Juice Cleanse)

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Working out hard or hardly working at all, we all feel it—the ache of aging.  Many of us have trouble getting out of bed in the morning or just feel sore and lethargic. Designed with inflammation in mind, this cleanse blasts out those free radicals and delivers a dose of inflammation-fighting fruits and veggies. 

8 x 340 mL Juices

Each day of the Anti-Inflammatory Session cleanse is comprised of the following bottles, listed in the recommended order of consumption:
1 - Peter
2 - Jekyl
3 - Emmeline
4 - Flora
5 - Froyde
6 - Peter
7 - Moyer
8 - Bailey

Orders must be submitted by Saturday. Juice Cleanses will be delivered the following Tuesday.

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