Duo #2 - Earl Grey Lavender Peach & Vanilla Rhubarb

Duo #2 - Earl Grey Lavender Peach & Vanilla Rhubarb

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Organic compostable cotton bag contains: Earl Grey Lavender Peach Jam: This jam tastes as delicate and tender as it sounds. The intoxicating bergamot flavour dances with lavender and peach. This jam is Worthy of a scone slathered with butter. Eat it while lounging in an oversized wicker armchair in the early morning sun. Vanilla Rhubarb: Slather almond butter and Vanilla Rhubarb Jam onto thick slices of warm homemade bread. Go Ahead - you're Worthy! Let your palate be dazzled. Earl Grey Lavender Peach jam Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, peach, water, citrus pectin, coconut oil, lavender buds, Earl Grey tea, monocalcium phosphate (plant-based calcium powder) Vanilla Rhubarb Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, rhubarb, water, artificial vanilla flavour, citrus pectin, coconut oil, monocalcium phosphate (plant-based calcium powder)
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