A1 Cape Breton Sausage | Free Range Sausage

A1 Cape Breton Sausage | Free Range Sausage

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In 2005 Peter and his wife Sibylle immigrated from Hamburg, Germany to wonderful Cape Breton Nova Scotia. Both their families had old farming traditions and with that background, experience and philosophy in mind they developed and managed their 50 acre mixed farm in Cape Breton. In 2018 after a two-year brave fight against cancer, Sibylle passed away. Her love of animals and gardening and her skill as a master baker were key in getting the farm and farm markets established. Her sparkling blue eyes and welcoming smile will always be remembered. Peter has carried on with the farm and markets and continues to serve our community with the philosophy of farming established by he and Sibylle.

‘If we treat our environment with respect, then we will also be treated the same way – you reap what you sow.’

On our free range bio farm we produce and sell high quality meat from our Berkshire, Duroc and other breeds, and we get meat from grass fed Angus beef cattle. We serve only markets in our region and sell our products direct at the farm. In this way we can guarantee that the food chain will never be interrupted and we can sell high quality fresh and safe products to our customers. In this way we are always in contact with our customers and can respond to their feedback and requests.



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