Welcome to Port City Grocery!

Port City Grocery was created in our living room after many conversations about food, health, and the endless options around us. We come from a beautiful island hosting farms, producers, and creative individuals and we wanted nothing more than to build a place where all of these things were on display. With that, the idea of our grocery store was born.



After spending a majority of the last decade living in Alberta, Canada. Kat cultivated a love for shopping at small scale, niche grocery stores and farmer’s markets. As a lifelong athlete, Devon spent much of his life understanding the importance of nourishing his body to sustain his active lifestyle.Throughout the years, both Kat and Devon have built brand loyalty and knowledge about how the products we use and eat daily impact our health. The business officially launched in the summer of 2021 in beautiful Sydney, NS. 



Fresh food, always.

Real ingredients. 

Every product matters. Each item on our shelves is curated with their brand, values, and ethics in mind. We talk to our suppliers, we test the items, and we form relationships with the community.

Sustainability. We put sustainable practices first and foremost when choosing the brands we will carry - in production, preparation, and packaging.

Home base. Local is always given priority and we seek to stock our shelves with as much local products as possible.

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